Nurses and Doctors have affordable Loans that help take care of their dreams the same way they take care of their patients.


We have affordable loans for those heroes, who ensure that everyone on the people of this country has excellent Education.

Police Officer's

We offer Tremendously Affordable loans and Excellent Service for the hoeroes who are always watching our back, and helping us when we are in trouble.

Public Sector

We offer loans to the Nation, to each working person in this country.

What We Offer

Alimela thuto offers personal and study loans, to civil servants, ranging from M1 000.00 to M75 000.00. The loan payment period is 6,12,18,24,36 and 42 months being the maximum term.

The clients monthly instalments are received straight from the treasurer unless agreed otherwise. The company also helps in consolidation and settlement of clients debts, and allows one to revolve.


Valid Passport or National ID

3 Months pay slips (Latest)

3 Months Bank statements (Latest)

Confirmation of Appointment & Latest Educational Certificate

Exclusively for teachers Only

Alimela Financial Services

Alimela Thuto has opened door's to give loans to Civil Servants, the reason being that the government adheres to our loans return policy, which is the use of stop orders. However, the company can still make an exception of giving personal loans to private companies as long as the management commits to stop order of the staff member(s) salaries. The company helps with loans of education as well as personal loans.

Alimela Thuto has assisted many Basotho to pursue their studies, and will still continue to fulfill peoples dreams. Alimela Thuto is commited to high quality services and education, and has grown bigger.

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What clients say About Us

Alimela Thuto Financial Services only improves its quality of services based on what our customers say.

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